Availability this summer

GrainPlastics will be present during this holiday.

Our office in Leeuwarden will be available all summer between 08:00 and 17:00′o clock.
Collection is possible until 13:00′o clock. If you place your order one day in advance we can make sure that everything has been sorted for you when you come to collect.

Our office in Hoogeveen will close at 13:00′o clock in week 31 and 33, collection would be possible until 12:00′o clock.
In week 32 this office will be unavailable.

We are able to deliver your orders, due to the calm period it can take a little longer to combine your orders.
Urgent orders can be delivered sooner with some extra freight costs.

In week 32 the materials of our plant in Hoogeveen (smooth pipe) are not available, you can pre-order for delivery in week 33.

General info:
Phone: 0031-582983474 / 0031-528230389
Orders: order@grainplastics.nl
Other requests: info@grainplastics.nl

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